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Sable Island Links


Island Overview

Parks Canada - Sable Island National Park Reserve (good overview)
Nova Scotia Museum - Sable Island a Story of Survival (
good overview)
Friends of Sable Island Society - Website
Sable Island Webcam - Camera
Federal - Sable Island Regulations
Environment Canada – Towards a Conservation Strategy for Sable Island, 1998
Fun Trivia – Sable Island Quiz 
(just for fun)

Weather & Climate
Environment Canada- 
Marine Forecasts (Click on map displayed)
Weather Underground –
Sable Island Forecast
Weather Underground –
Conditions & Forecast
Weather Channel - Sable 10 Day Forecast
Environment Canada – Conditions for Past 24 Hours
Weatherbase - Monthly Weather Averages (Temp, Precip, etc.)
The Weather Network – Climate Data,
 monthly Hi and Lo
MobileGeographics – Sable Island Tides
(north and south sides differ) – Sable Island Tides
George Patterson – Sable Island, Its History and Phenomena, 1894
George Patterson – Sable Island, Its History and Phenomena,
 1894 (Google)
Gilpin, Darby and Howe – Sable Island: Its Past History
 etc, 1858
S. D. MacDonald – Sable Island, Cont,
S. D. MacDonald – Ships of War Lost on the Coast of NS and Sable Island,
Harold St. John – Sable Island with a Catalog of its Vascular Plants,
London Daily Mail – The Ocean Graveyard,
 Condensed for Public Opinion, 1899
Douglas Brymner – Report on Canadian Archives,
Robert Elliot – Biography
of Sable Wreck Survivor in 1760
Joseph Howe – Poem:
 Sable Island, 1874
A.M. Machar – Stories of New France,
1890 (Account of La Roche)
Blunt – Extract of Superintendent Joseph Darby Letter,
Library & Archives of Canada –
Shipwreck Investigations, Sable Island
Library & Archives of Canada –
Sable Island Gallery
James Hannay –
History of Acadia, 1879 (encampment of John Rose, 1633)
Jonathan Dwight –
The Ipswich Sparrow and it Summer Home, 1895
Charles Halleck – Harper’s Magazine –
The Secrets of Sable Island, 1866 (good article)
Karen Jordan –
The Shipwrecks of Sable Island, 2007
Weston Gaul – New Liberty Magazine,
New Ghosts in the Atlantic Graveyard, 1938
Account of
Alexander Graham Bell on Sable Island in 1898
Canadian Government –
Towards a Conservation Strategy for Sable Island, 2002
Beautiful and Deadly Sable Island, 2005
National Geographic –
Sharks Blamed in Island Seal Decline Mystery, 2004
Out of Gloucester –
Wreck of the Columbia, 1927
Lawrence Hartshorne –
Letter regarding salvage and payment, 1797
Thomas Appleton –
History of Canadian Coast Guard – Sable Island
Wikipedia –
Biography of La Roche
Dictionary of Canadian Biography –
La Roche Bio
Roche Family Genealogy –
La Roche
Jacques Simoneau - Colonist of the Sable Island – La Roche info
Charles Baird – Huguenot Emigration to America,
Le Mercier section, 1885
Environment Canada –
Conservation on Sable, Katherine Bemben
Zoe Lucas –
Vegetation & Terrain Management, 1988
Provincial Wildlife Park –
Sable Island Horses (apparently there are some on mainland)
Canadian Coast Guard –
Dorothea Dix History
Francis Tiffany –
Life of Dorothea Dix, 1918
John Dawson –
Handbook of Nova Scotia, 1855
Zoe Lucas Interview
South Shore Now –
Zoe Lucas Interview
Old Salt Blog –
Sable Island – Graveyard of the Atlantic, 2009
Worcester Telegram –
Sable Island Communicates Briefly with Carpathia, 1912
NY Times –
Stranded on Sable Island, 1898
James R. Osgood –
The Maritime Provinces, 1875
Dalhousie University – Thomas Raddall Collections
Dalhousie University –
Additional Raddall Collections on Sable
NS Records & Archive Management –
Listing of Sable items (3 pages)
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic –
On the Rocks: Find a Ship, Marine Heritage Database
Sable Island Song, 1932
Dalhousie University –
Lab of Sara Iverson
Dalhousie University –
Lab of Dan Bowen
Charles Chadenat – Manuscript Collections, Harvard University (La Roche items)
Halifax Public Library –
Sable Island Holdings Listing

Dalhousie –
Seal Tracking by Greg Breed
Shark Divers –
Recent Seal Kills, 2008
Yves Plante –
Genetic Diversity in a Feral Horse Population, 2007
Exxon Mobil – Sable Project
British Geological Survey –
Sable Island Magnetic Observatory
Offshore Technology – Sable Offshore Energy Project
Reuters –
Sable Production Back, 2009
Photographs & Images - Historic
Clara Dennis – Sable Island Photos, 1930s (searchable database, click thumbnail to view)
Clara Dennis –
French Gardens Photo, 1930s
Inspection Party on Sable Island, 1917 (same archive has other images offline)
Des Barres –
Sable Island: A Series of Five Views on One Plate, 1779
Des Barres –
Sable Island: Views, 1781
Thomas Raddall –
Photos of Sable Island, 1921-22 while stationed there
J. B. Gilpin –
watercolor paintings of Sable Island, 1854
Letter & Photo of wreck of the Skidby, 1910
Wreck of the Alfios, 1945
Wreck of the Arcadia, 1857
Post Card –
West End Lighthouse, old tower
Photos – Current
Don Parrish – Visit to Sable Island, 2007 (5 minute slide show)
Robert Dutesco –
Sable Island Gallery, fine art photos
Robert Dutesco –
Photographs, Bowen Gallery
Paul Illsley –
Island and Horse Photos
Damian Lidgard –
Sable Galleries, 2000s
National Geographic and Getty Images –
Sable and Rig Photos
National Geographic –
Photo Gallery, for sale
Cloud Formation –
Morning Glory Cloud over Sable Island, 2005
Satellite Image, 1994
Environment Canada –
Sable Island Photo Album, by Katherine Bemben
Dalhousie University –
Sable Island Photo Essay, 2006
Paul Rogers –
Sable Island Horses
Beautiful and Deadly Sable Island, 2005
Nova Scotia –
Air Photo Products
Thaddeus Holownia –
Sable Island: an Elemental Landscape, 1986 – 1996
Sable Island Cloud Wake, 1999
Picassa Album –
Sable and Drill Rigs, 2009
Canada National Film Board - Sable Island, 1956, 30 min. documentary
Rae-Anne LaPlante - S(t)able Island documentary, 2014 - news clip
Dalhousie – 
Sable Island – Importance of government stewardship, 2006 (4 min.)
Robert Dutesco – 
Chasing Wild Horses documentary, 2008 (4 segments)
Getty Images – 
Sable Island Dunes (49 sec)
Des Barres Atlantic Neptune 1776
Des Barres Views and Coastal Profiles 1776
Des Barres –
Five Distant Views of the Isle of Sable, 1776
Des Barres –
A View from the Camp at the East End of the Naked Sand Hills, 1779
Des Barres –
The Isle of Sable, 1778
Des barres –
Remarks on Sable Island, 1778
Blunt –
Northeast Coast of North America, 1828 (Zooms, entrance to lake on north side)
Blunt –
Isle of Sable, 1827 (colored, good place names, several photos)
Blunt –
Isle of Sable, 1827 (another version, north and south channels)
Blunt –
Eastern Coast of North America, 1848 (you can zoom in on Sable)
Blunt and Des Barres –
North Eastern Coast of North America, 1828 (you can zoom)
Darby & Torbett –
Chart and Description of Sable Island, 1824 (Bill has hi-res scan)
Bates –
Shipwreck Chart- Souvenir
Shipwreck Chart – shows approximate locations, souvenir, but good, click to zoom
Petrus Bertius –
Terra Nova, 1600 (shows Sable Island)
Satellite Photo –
Sable from Space (areas labled)
TeraServer –
Digital Imagery of Sable
DX Expedition –
Maps and Sat Photos
Nova Scotia Department of Education – Sable Island Shipwrecks since 1853
Digital Charts
Digital Topo Maps for OziExplorer
Atlas of Canada –
Sable Island Digital Topo Map (zoom and pan)
Nova Scotia’s
Data Locator – access to topo maps and aerial photos of Sable
Canada –
Digital Maps and Data
Geo Gratis – Digital Data
Canada – Toporama –
Digital data
Canada – Toporama –
better version
Nova Scotia –
Official Map Store (source of topo maps)
Nova Scotia –
Digital Data Products

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