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Suggested Gear List

Suggested Gear List

Be sure you have an up to date passport!

The following is a suggested gear list for members of TAZZARIN's 2010 Sable Island Expedition.
Keep in mind that typical nightly low temperatures are 57 and daytime highs around 67 with a 10 to 12 knot southwest breeze.  August averages about 4" of rain and is the sunniest month of the year on Sable, but with fogs likely.

Personal Gear
Camera & Memory Cards
Sunscreen & Lip Protection
Watch, waterproof
Foul Weather Gear (pants and jacket)
Sea Boots
Lightweight Rain Jacket for shore use
PFD, Harness & Tether (Bill will provide if needed)
Knapsack or Daypack (For carrying lunch and gear for long days ashore)
Prescription Medications
Preferred Sea Sickness Medications - if desired
Note: Bedding and towels will be provided by vessel.

Hat for sun
Boat shoes or sneakers for sailing
Sneakers or low rise hiking boots for Sable
Bathing Suit
Socks (7 pair, always wear one and have spare ashore in pack)
Shorts (2)
Long Pants (2)
T-Shirts (5)
Long Sleeve Shirts (3)
Sweatshirt and/or Windbreaker (1)

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