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2010 Sable Expedition Crew

Bill Barton - Captain

Bill will be Captain of the expedtion.  He has over 40,000 miles of sailing including including numerous passages to Nova Scotia, two Passages to Newfoundland and once across the Strait of Belle Isle and up the Labrador coast as far as Port Manvers among icebergs.  Bill has made one previous visit by boat to Sable Island.

Other sailing have included waters from the Caribbean to the entire Atlantic coast of the United States, a dozen passages between the US and Bermuda and an Atlantic crossing from Portugal to Antigua by way of the Canary Islands.  Bill has a strong interest in maritime history and has worked for two maritime related museums.  Bill holds an MBA in public and non-profit management from Boston University.





Dan Finamore, Ph.D. - Lead Archaeologist

Dan is the Russell W. Knight Curator of Maritime Art and History at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. He is also a Director of the Institute fro Global Maritime Studies.  Dan has extensive field archaeology experience on sites in Central and North America and conducted his doctoral research in Belize.  He has previously sailed to Nova Scotia aboard the expedition vessel, TAZZARIN.  Dan holds primary responsibility for all phases of the project's archaeological research on Sable Island.


Gary Jobson - Documentary Film Producer/World Sailor

Gary is producing a film about our Sable Expedition. He is the world's ambassador to for the sport of sailing and arguably the most famous sailor on the blue planet. He speaks internationally on the sport of sailing, delivering well over 100 talks per year. He also serves as Editor at Large for Cruising World and Sailing World. He is the preeminent commentator for sailing on TV and has produced dozens of films covering every aspect of the sport. He has won two Emmys for his coverage of the Olympics and the Volvo Ocean Race. His unending enthusiasm and love for sailing has brought sailing to new audiences everywhere in a way only Gary can achieve. Gary and Bill first connected during Gary's film of the Centennial Bermuda Race in 2006. You can learn more about Gary on his web site

 David Martz - Sailor/Shore Landing logistics

David works in the software industry and has sailed out of Manchester, Massachusetts since his youth. He currently owned a 42-foot sloop, Aquila, aboard which he has cruised from Maine to the Caribbean. He has been involved in leadership of sailing programs for youth and includes his children in his cruising. In his free time David also works professionally doing yacht deliveries. David took part in the 2010 expedition to Sable Island (as shown in photo) and participated in both the sailing and the archaeology. David is also a good photographer.

Mike Audick - Cinematographer

Mike is the expedition Cinematographer. Winner of four Emmys, Michael Audick is a seasoned professional who brings a great eye and positive attitude to projects. He was a member of NBC’s Olympic Features production team in Athens, Torino, and Beijing. On-board with Ironman-TV for eight Kona Championships, he also crewed with ESPN for the first five seasons of the X-Games. With multiple show credits, Michael has extensive international production experience on all seven continents, including three trips to the Antarctic. More exotic projects have included filming big game in Africa; following the Iditarod in a Cessna ski plane; capturing the excitement of multiple Eco-Challenges; recording numerous off-shore sailing races; and documenting the Coronation of the Kingdom of Bhutan’s Fifth King. You can view more of Mike's information here.






Carl Doane - Sailing Crew

Carl is a lifelong sailor from Manchester, Massachusetts. Today he owns a Petersen 34 sloop, Incentive, which he races avidly in Mass Bay. Carl is a painting contractor; but, is more often found on the water in the summer months. He has served for years as Chairman of the Crocker Memorial Race - typically the largest pursuit race in Mass Bay. Carl and Bill have sailed numerous ocean passages together including two Bermuda Races and Two Halifax Races, a delivery from Florida to Massachusetts, coastal overnight races and a passage from Massachusetts to St. Johns, Newfoundland. Carl and bill were together when they visited Sable Island back in 1987.

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