Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sable Island Horses
Sable Island's wild horses have existed on the island for centuries.  In typical years there are 250 to 350 horses depending on harsh the seasons are.  In 2010 there were approximately 400 horses on Sable.

Sables horses live in groups known as bands, roaming and grazing across the island.

A young colt curiously approaches.

A mare and her colt.

Horses pause to drink from a small fresh water pond with the south shore in the distance.

A lone stallion walks the north shore beach on a gray day.

A mare grazes on marram grass as her colt sticks close by.

A band of horses graze on marram grass, mares in the foreground and stallion in back right.

A band of horses trots along the dry bed of Lake Wallace with the south shore beyond.

A mare turns her head to observe the photographer, her wild mane covers one eye.

A mare eats marram grass; her unkempt mane grows long and tangled.

A young colt extends her neck to nurse from a patient mother.

A horse trots along north beach, dry sand kicks up from hooves and long tail and mane add wild grace.
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